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Q: How long have you been working on this?

A: On and off since August 2008, mostly off.

Q: What is it coded in?

A: 100% C++.

Q: Is there OpenGL rendering in the works?

A: I’ve recently made some preparation for having an OGL rendering path but i have no timetable on it and it’s not for sure.


Q: What DirectX version would it require?

A: I support Direct3D 11 only.


Q: What third party libraries do you use?

A: Freetype for getting font bitmaps, alhem sockets which is a C++ sockets wrapper, and mysql++ a C++ wrapper to the MySQL API.


Q: What do you do irl?

A: I work in game development.


Q: How long have you been programming in C++?

A: Since about 2007.


Q: How long have you been working with DirectX?

A: This project is the first thing I’ve made, so since 2008.


Q: What are your future plans for the engine?

A: I plan to eventually release it as an empty shell with no wow-specific stuff in it, so you could build any game you wanted with it.


Q: How can I contact you?

A: Send me an Ask message on here or on Modcraft forums (same username).


Q: Do you use facebook/twitter/etc/etc and can I friend you?  

A: Yes and no respectively.


Q: This is stupid.  Why would you spend so much time on this?

A: Education.


Q: You’re doing ‘x’ wrong, you should be doing ‘y’, idiot.

A: I guess you’re just smarter than I am.  Maybe you should make an engine!


Q: I’m interested in the project and would like to work on it - can I?

A: I appreciate your interest but this is for my own learning purposes and I’ll learn a lot less if a bunch of other people work on it.  


Q: Is it on github or anything?

A: Yes.  I am now releasing pre-pre-pre-alpha installers on a private github repo.  Message me your user name and a little bit about you if you’d like to be added.


Q: Will you make this compatible with trinitycore/etc or make it blizz-like in some way?

A: No.

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